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Explore the myriad of artistic styles our talented artists specialize in. No matter which style you envision for your desired design, we will select the most skilled artist to bring your dream to life.


Artists: Odd, OEK, Karina, Mhanna, Ariel

Fineline tattoos showcase intricate, delicate designs with their precise, thin lines. They offer a minimalist and elegant approach to body art, allowing for intricate details and striking compositions that capture attention with subtlety and sophistication.


Artists: OEK, Odd

Microrealism tattoos are a mesmerizing form of body art, meticulously recreating tiny, lifelike details with remarkable precision. These tattoos often depict intricate subjects like miniature portraits, animals, or objects, showcasing the artist's skill and attention to detail. Microrealism tattoos captivate viewers with their extraordinary realism, allowing for remarkable artistry within the confines of a small canvas.


Artists: Karina

Geometric tattoos use precise lines and shapes to create visually striking designs, drawing inspiration from geometry and mathematics. They range from minimalist to intricate compositions, offering a modern and aesthetic appeal through clean lines and symmetry.

Cyber Sigilism

Artists: Karina, Odd, Mhanna

Cyber Sigilism is a cutting-edge tattoo style that merges traditional sigil magic with futuristic and cyberpunk aesthetics. This avant-garde approach incorporates intricate geometric patterns, circuitry designs, and futuristic symbols to create visually striking tattoos with deep symbolic meanings. Drawing inspiration from technology, mysticism, and the digital realm, Cyber Sigilism tattoos often feature elements like circuit boards, binary code, and glitch effects, blending ancient mysticism with modern technological imagery. Each tattoo is uniquely crafted to represent personal intentions, desires, or beliefs, imbuing the wearer with a sense of empowerment and connection to the digital age.