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Meet Oek, the visionary founder and creative mind behind OekFactory. With a profound passion for art and a flair for innovation, Oek is a multi-talented artist, designer, and tattoo extraordinaire with long artistic background.  Her specialization lies in the unique realm of glitch tattoos, executed with remarkable precision using micro-realism and realism techniques.

Oek's work has garnered significant recognition in the art world, earning her a prominent place in publications like Art Daily and Urban Matter and more. Her groundbreaking approach to tattoo artistry pushes the boundaries of what's possible, seamlessly blending the digital and physical realms.

Oek's tattoos are not just ink; they're intricate expressions of creativity, merging the imperfections of glitch art with the breathtaking realism of her technique.

Whether you're seeking to wear a piece of art on your skin or explore the frontiers of glitch-inspired tattoos, Oek is the artist who can turn your vision into an extraordinary reality. With her at the helm, OekFactory is a testament to the boundless possibilities of artistic innovation.

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