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Appointment with Oek

Book your appointment with the creative mastermind behind Oekfactory.

An artist with a doctor's degree in fine arts, designer, and tattoo artist.

Private Session

This exclusive experience ensures a highly personalized and emotionally significant tattoo while providing the added convenience of aftercare guidance and supplies, along with food and drinks throughout the day.

Regular Appointment

A regular tattoo session offers a more typical and social experience within a tattoo studio, ideal for those who enjoy the energy of a bustling environment.

Private Session

A private tattooing session is an exclusive, all-day experience where a you collaborate closely with a OEK. This session includes:

  1. Exclusive Booking: The entire day is reserved for you, ensuring privacy and focus.

  2. Collaborative Design: you and artist work closely on a custom tattoo design that reflects the customer's vision.

  3. Comfort and Meals: Breaks are provided for rest, with food and drinks included, ensuring both customer and artist stay energized and comfortable.

  4. Privacy and Focus: No other artists or customers are present, creating a private atmosphere.

  5. Aftercare: Comprehensive aftercare instructions and supplies are included to ensure the tattoo heals beautifully and maintains its vibrancy.

Booking Form

I want my appoinment to be: // Ich möchte meinen Termin als:
How do you want your design to be handled // Wie sollen wir mit deinem Design verfahren
Are you located in Berlin? // Lebst du in Berlin?
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